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Environmetrics + Econometrics = A Valued Landscape

What we do

We cover the world. Let us solve your data problems.

Machine Learning

Cutting edge ML and High-Performance Computing for predictive mapping.

Landscape restoration

Providing decision-ready data to tackle land degradation through scoping and design.

Soil carbon

Measurement, modeling, mapping and monitoring of soil carbon.

Customised web solutions

Hosting and distribution of massive spatial data.

Standing on the
shoulders of giants

Our own co-founder Tom Hengl was listed among the Highly Cited Researchers recipients for 2021. Only 0.1% of researchers in the world have made it to this list.

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We are a deep tech group helping businesses & organizations find the right balance between satellites and samples.

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Tom Hengl (EnvirometriX)
Posted by Tom Hengl (EnvirometriX)
October 13, 2023
Tom Hengl (EnvirometriX)
Posted by Tom Hengl (EnvirometriX)
March 31, 2022
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We produce open data sets and methodologies for national and international organisations

The UNCCD, Government of British Columbia, ISDA Africa, Conservation International and The Nature Conservancy are some of our clients. We also serve individual farmers & collectives across multiple continents. We back landholders to baseline their ecological services, experiment on-farm and monitor results. Ultimately, accurate proof of ecosystem services supports better pricing.

Country reporting to UNCCD for Land Degradation Neutrality / UNCCD
Predictive Soil Mapping for the Alberta soil quality mapping project
Soil property / nutrient mapping and web-services for agriculture
Soil carbon assessment from country to field scale
Production of the mangrove restoration potential map

EnvirometriX is a proud sponsor of the OpenGeoHub Foundation

OpenGeoHub is an independent not-for-profit research foundation promoting Open Source and Open Data solutions. Through OpenGeoHub we offer solutions & training in cutting-edge open geospatial data & services.

OpenGeoHub stands apart from any other organisation through its dedication to the Open Source and Open Data communities. This is exemplified through over 12 years of offering Summer Schools and online trainings in cutting edge Machine Learning and GeoSpatial Data processing subjects.

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