Science-based startup located at the Agro Business Park in Wageningen.

We help businesses and organizations optimize their soil sampling and monitoring campaigns,
produce better data and make better decisions.
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EnvirometriX was founded with the aim to improve the management of natural resources. We believe that decision-making must be based on accurate, reliable, and accessible information. To retrieve this information we use state-of-the-art statistical and Machine Learning methods, as well sustainable technology. Our staff has the expertise in enhancing the quality and utility of spatial/temporal data beyond the simple creation of data products. We also design customized sampling campaigns for cost-effective, auditable modeling. Following the FAIR principles for scientific data management, our data and methods are open and reproducible.

Our philosophy is built on the following five pillars:
  1. Knowledge comes from (repeated) measurements and objective reasoning. Wisdom comes from awareness
    of histories and on-going communication of experience.
  2. Knowledge ought to be the basis of discussion. Discussion of the wisest path ought to be the basis of decision-making.
  3. Transparency is the shortest path to trust. Ultimate quality control is impossible if too many elements of the total equation are hidden or unknown.
  4. Optimal solutions come mainly from participation, innovation and continuous observation. Without feedback (data) and two-way communication channels, adaptation becomes a guessing game.
  5. Everything changes and no system can be set in stone — so it must be resilient. System resilience can be engineered by increasing biological/social/economic ‘redundancy’. Updates and redesigns are therefore both inevitable, and desirable.

We offer the following services

Machine Learning

Cutting edge ML and High-Performance Computing for predictive mapping.

Soil carbon

Measurement, modeling, mapping and monitoring of soil carbon.

Landscape restoration

Providing decision-ready data to tackle land degradation through scoping and design.

Customised web solutions

Hosting and distribution of massive spatial data.

Why EnvirometriX?

The name EnvirometriX results from the combination of two subjects: Environmetrics, a scientific field applying statistics to environmental problems and Econometrics, another scientific domain focusing on application of statistics to economic systems i.e. cost-benefit analysis, time series data analysis and similar. We have chosen the name 'EnvirometriX' for our company because we think that the key to improving management of natural resources and decision-making lays in using state-of-the-art statistical and Machine Learning methods and state-of-the-art sustainable technology within a well defined econometric system. The letter 'X' in EnvirometriX was chosen to emphasize that our work is driven by innovation and evolution of technology.

Partner organisations

We work together with OpenGeoHub, Gilab, Mundialis, Spatial-Ecology, MultiOne and MapRadix.







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